Angels After Kansas City's Callaspo

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The Angels have their sights on Royals third baseman Alberto Callaspo.

Earlier this month, the Angels entered into discussions with the Nationals about Adam Dunn, but they don't have the prospects to swing a deal.

"[The Angels'] cupboard is almost bare at Double-A and Triple-A," said one major league scout. ... _callaspo/

Callaspo? OMG! No way! We're instant contenders now. Rolling Eyes

...and we DO have the prospects to get Dunn, just not the balls. If I learned something about our team, we shouldn't be reluctant to dealing our prospects for proven players.

I mean, to think we could have had Cabrera for Kendrick and Adenhart (RIP), and Doc for Saunders and Aybar, only to decline..... for them? Come on Reagins. Time to deal!

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