Boras & Angels Have Met Multiple Times

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Scott Boras says he has met with Angels officials to discuss his free agent clients more than once this offseason, according to Mark Saxon of The agent represents Adrian Beltre, Jayson Werth and Rafael Soriano, the Boras client the Angels appear to be targeting most pointedly. Though Carl Crawford remains the Angels’ top free agent target, it appears that they can afford both Crawford and Soriano.

Though Boras has presumably been in contact with most or all of baseball's 30 teams since the World Series, the Angels figure to be of particular interest. They have multiple offseason needs and the resources to address them with free agent additions. Boras, meanwhile, has a suite at Angel Stadium, which is relatively near his agency's Newport Beach headquarters. ... times.html

I really want Crawford and Soriano here. I was hoping we'd land Gonzales, but I guess Beltre will suffice.

1B - Morales

2B - Kendrick (Hopefully an improved Kendrick)


SS - Aybar


CF - Hunter

RF - Abreu

DH - Matsui

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